Skin Deep in Izhemskaya Banya

Izhemskaya banya

Hard work with birch whisks ©km

ARKHANGELSK. Among the public saunas in Arkhangelsk, the Izhemskaya banya is the only one that has a wood-heated stove. All the others use electricity. The sauna is quite big, built in three floors and with a huge washing room, plus a spacious dressing room. As in all Russian saunas, bath whisks are vividly used. Traditional birch whisks are most common, but nowadays whisks from oak, eucalyptys and spruce are also in fashion. The Izhemskaya banya is situated at Shabalina Street, close to Uritskovo Street 56, where the Norwegian Centre earlier had its quarters. /KM

[osm_map lat=”65.288″ long=”38.209″ zoom=”6″ width=”300″ height=”225″ marker=”64.556,40.361″ marker_name=”wpttemp-yellow.png” m_txt_01=”Arkhangelsk” type=”Mapnik”]

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