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Eero Suvilehto, photo: Kenneth Mikko

OULU. A new book from Oulu writer Eero Suvilehto is underways, this time about Iceland. Meetings with modern Vikings, readings of old hardboiled stories and thoughts accumulated during long walks in Reykjavik forms an interesting and amusing kind of scrapbook. The title is Tuhkakuvia [Ash Pictures] and it will be published by Oulu publishing house Vihreä Kettu [The Green Fox]. Suvilehto has a career as logoped and wrestler and has for long periods been working as Finnish language teacher in Sofia and Reykjavik. His favourite genres are poetry and aphorisms. Some earlier books by Eero Suvilehto :

  • Yksinäiset jumalat (runoja ja aforismeja, 1993, Atena)
  • Egean tuuli (runoja, 1995, Atena)
  • Avattava varovasti (aforismeja, 1998, Atena)
  • Esperanto (novelleja, 2000, Kopijyvä)
  • Kolmea siltaa kaupunkiin (runoja, 2005, Puntsi)
  • Kysyi sammakko tietä (aforismeja, 2007, Puntsi)
  • Maailmanpyörä polkemassa (runoja ja aforismeja, 2010, Vihreä Kettu)

Info: http://proaforismi.blogspot.se/2014/10/eero-suvilehto-uusia-aforismeja.html

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