Magic Mid-Summer

festival ship

In 2010 a tall ship landed at the festival. Photo White Noise Festival

CHUPA. The Summer Solstice, or plainly Mid-Summer is since ancient times celebrated on the Northern Hemisphere. The longest day of the year, with the sun reaching its highest position, is supposed to give extra energy and fertility to people. For the third time, the White Noise Festival celebrates this special event on a peninsula in the White Sea, in northern Karelia. On 22 – 23 of June people gather to listen to music, take part in yoga workshops, walk on fire or nails, watch the annual regatta, maybe swim in the cold sea, or simply meet and be together with Mother Nature on these magic days and nights. The bands are from Russia and Germany and will present music from many genres: ambient, dub, trip-hop, cyber-folk, afro-punk, progressive etc. The White Sea area hosts ancient labyrinths and rock art (petroglyphs) from earlier inhabitants and in the waters near Chupa you may see white whales (beluga).

Organizer Ilya Shkurinsky lives in Petrozavodsk, but is from Chupa himself. He believes that around 1500 visitors will join this year’s festival.
The Chupa settlement (around 2900 inhabitants) became famous in 2006, when the then Head of the Republic, Sergey Katanandov, in a live television program declared Chupa a hopeless place and advised residents to leave their homes. The villagers protested and threatened to leave the Karelian Republic and join the Murmansk Region instead.

Info (in Russian) about the White Noise Festival:

flower regatta

Mid-Summer flowers and regatta. Photo White Noise Festival


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