Kargopol – A Journey Back In Time

KARGOPOL. In the southern part of Arkhangelsk Region there are some old small towns worth visiting. Kargopol, with its old churches and wooden houses is definitely one of them.



One of many churches in Kargopol. Photo Kenneth Mikko



The town is rather isolated, ninety kilometres west of the railroad Arkhangelsk – St. Petersburg. It is said that the citizens were not interested when the czar’s envoy come to present the opportunity to participate in a great project for the future – the railroad. Instead they went to their regular sauna bath. The old neat town now sleeps peacefully, but attracts visitors interested in architecture and history.

Most important for Kargopol’s economy is the wooden industry.

Kargopol is also famous for its ”bigfoots”. These monster-like hairy creatures have been observed outside of town. Once some military men were attacked by a couple of them.

The town can be reached by car or bus from Arkhangelsk in the north (around 500 km) or from Karelia in the west (Pudozh, Medvedchegorsk). Some parts are dirt roads in quite bad conditions, winter is easier. The distance from railway station Nyandama in the east is 90 km, and there are regular bus connections.




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