Invitation To Komi

SYKTYVKAR. A book is a book. On the Internet you can find enormous amounts of information. But the form and function of a big

gulag map

The location of Gulag camps 1945-1954

printed book cannot be replaced by a digital media. This is indeed the case with encyclopedias and atlases. The Komi Republic Atlas (2001) is a good example of this.

The big black book is a dream for map lovers, and for people interested in the Komi Republic – its nature, culture, history and geography. If you can read Russian you can get full value out of it, but only browsing the 552 pages with hundreds of maps and illustrations can actually be rewarding enough.

Here you can find maps about different kinds of swings, used by children or for rituals. The dark time of Communist repression is illustrated by several maps of the Gulag labour camp system. The vision of a railway from the Urals to the Baltic Sea – the Belkomur – can be seen on another map. Or, why not check out the article about folk medicine, the location of different herbs used, as well as white or black saunas, or reindeer products, can bee seen on the map, and is described in detail with the help of illustrations and words.

A rich atlas, like the Komi Republic Atlas, can also be a good alternative or supplement to journals or lighter reading, for your browsing pleasure.

ISBN 5-287-00027-8






Artworks by Valentin Polyakov. From the article on Komi visual art.



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