30 ys of Hardcore Punk

TORNIO/OULU. Läjä [The Heap] screams and howls like a wounded animal, circling on the stage, backed by the thundering energy from Ilari, Jani and Aki. The audience is close to the sweaty and raw, at the same time beautiful performance. It’s Terveet Kädet (TK) [Healthy Hands] in concert. TK, Finnish pioneers in the hardcore punk genre, have had their headquarters in Tornio and Oulu, and have, in different constellations, been around for 30 years now. They are actually an international name, with fans worldwide and a discography with more than thirty titles. This autumn means celebrating three decades of work with a new studio album – Musta Hetki [Black Moment]. The band continues touring. Next stops are different locations in Finland, and next spring the northern hardcore will find its way to ”Chaos in Tejas”, in Austin, USA.

Cover: Läjä, from TK’s homepage

Terveet Kädet’s HOMEPAGE


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