Festival goes Rezitsky

ARKHANGELSK. The annual jazz festival in Arkhangelsk is a must, an important meeting place for culture-minded people in the Pomor capital. The festival started already in the early 80’s and was strongly influenced by its founder, saxofonist Vladimir Rezitsky (1944 – 2001). He made the festival a true avantgarde event with experimental music, happenings and art. With his big Jazz Group Arkhangelsk he also made the town a jazz metropol, known all over Russia, and abroad. After Rezitsky’s early death , the festival has slowly changed to a more mainstream arrangement.

His friend and follower, guitarist Tim Dorofeev, has taken on the responsibility for the festival and has this year renamed it to ”Festival Vladimir Rezitsky – contemporary art & new jazz music”. The idea is to turn the festival into the same lively and surprising gathering as under Rezitsky’s guidance.

The festival goes on this weekend and Tim and his team have invited groups from Russia, Poland and Norway. In the program there is also video art, photo exhibitions, master classes, children’s jazz etc.

Cover: Vladimir Rezitsky. Photo Kenneth Mikko


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