Horrible Festival


Frogs, USA 1972. Will be screened at Iik!!



II. What do you scream when you see a really scary horror film? Probably something like Iik!! This is also the name of the horror film festival that takes places in the north Finnish municipality of Ii next weekend, 9-11/11. Spectators at the Iik!! festival can buy a ”serial murder card” that gives admission to all screenings. Or make their own picks from a wide choice of morbid rolls, like Death Weekend, The Howling, The Werewolf vs. the Vampire Woman, Two Thousand Maniacs or The Frogs, to name a few freightening titles. Probably nothing for sensitive viewers. Screenings go on during the whole dark Saturday night, until Sunday breakfast, when daylight hopefully returns.
Program: Iik’s Homepage


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