Celebrating the Night


Shamanistic ritual at the festival opening 2005. Photo Kenneth Mikko




KORPILOMBOLO. ”To find light in the darkness.” It’s a statement for the European Festival of the Night, held in the village of Korpilombolo, deep in the forests of northern Sweden. Two whole weeks, where writers, shamans. musicians and artists meet and celebrate the night, together with thousands of visitors. The festival has a peculiar history. In 1926, the Colombian writer Leon de Greiff published a novel about how the main character Gaspar retreated to the small Arctic settlement Korpilombolo to find peace. Gaspar remained there for 33 years.

After the residents of Korpilombolo had received information about the novel and the distant author, the first festival was organized in 2005. It attracts people from far away to find insights and inspiration in the coldest and darkest time of the year.
This year the festival will be opened with fire, drums and yoik, followed by a huge program, consisting of dance, philosophy, exhibitions, performance art, lectures on language etc.

Cover: From the opening cermony 2005. Photo Kenneth Mikko

A presentation of the festival:


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