Building an Art Hall in the Village


The future art museum seen from the riverside. Illustration by Lassila Hirvilammi Architects




VITSANIEMI. Gunhild Stensmyr has a vision. She wants to create a modern art museum in the Torne Valley, where artists could show their works, and where art lovers from near and far could come and experience high quality art in beautiful surroundings.

This vision has now taken one big step further. Yesterday (13/12), the winning concept in an international architecture competition was presented. Five carefully selected architectural offices, from Japan, Switzerland, Norway, Finland and Sweden, had submitted drafts. The winner is Finnish Lassila Hirvilammi Architects (Seinäjoki/Helsinki).
They were inspired by the traditional architecture in the area, and have made a synthesis of old and modern design. The museum consists of a row of connected wooden buildings facing the river, with glass and mirror elements to give light in the archade and the art halls.

gunhild 2

Gunhild Stensmyr presenting the draft by architects Anssi Lassila (left) and Teemu Hirvilammi. Photo Kenneth Mikko




Gunhild Stensmyr is an art entrepreneur with a long experience from running and planning art museums. Her latest project was Skäret art hall in southern Sweden (2002-2012). The coming art hall is situated in the small village of Vitsaniemi, not far from Gunhild’s birth place.

The Torne Valley museum of contemporary art will be around 2 000 square meters, and is planned to open to the public in May 2015.

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