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Irina Kotkina runs the popular Chumoteka site



NARYAN MAR. Ten years ago Irina Kotkina worked as a librarian at a boarding school in Nenets. She felt that the books about her northern region were to complicated, and wanted to give school children and others more knowledge and inspiration, but in simple words.

The solution came to her in the form of an internet blog, that should be simple and fun and open to the world. The unofficial Nenets blog ”Chumoteka” was born. The word chum means teepee, the tent used by the reindeer-herding Nenets people living on the tundra.

Today, the Chumoteka site has grown popular to readers around the world.
– I have visitors from 75 countries, Irina tells. The site is in Russian, but has a translation module, and contains material about reindeer, Irina’s diary, film clips, recommended books etc.

The success of the Chumoteka blog also meant a big change in Irina’s life. She today works as an information officer at the Nenets administration, spreading the message about Nenets and life on the tundra over the world.

Info: Chumoteka


The clash between traditional life on the tundra and the modern world. Illustration from Chumoteka.








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