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ARKHANGELSK. It’s finally here – the fourth volume of the Pomor Encyclopedia, totally devoted to culture in the Arkhangelsk Region. Articles about theatre, architecture, music, religion, but also sport, but most of all short articles about people who have made contributions to culture in the vast Arkhangelsk oblast.

A printed encyclopedia might seem like an outdated project in the time of fast information distribution via the Internet. But lying on the sofa, with the big Pomorskaya Encyclopedia in your hands, you might find that browsing offline, letting your eyes flow over the printed pages and discover things you never heard of, actually can be a rewarding exercise.

The Pomorskaya Encyclopedia is produced by the Northern Arctic Federal University in Arkhangelsk. It contains 663 pages in big format, and costs 3000 rubles.


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A long article is about the cultural space of the Arkhangelsk North

















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