Komi Myths and Legends


Polyod and Pelya in a hard fight. Illustration by A V Moshev




SYKTYVKAR. The Komi Republic has a rich and vivid folklore, a tradition that also has strong support from authorities and institutions. Pavel Limerov, scholar and researcher, co-editor of culture journal ART, has written many works about the early history and mythology of Komi.

His latest book – Myths, Legends and Traditions of the Komi People – is a popular publication, well illustrated by artist A V Moshev. More than three hundred short stories, sayings and words of wisdom tell about a people with strong roots in nature, its forests, rivers and animals. Mythological characters and supernatural creatures also come to life in heroic or comical situations.

It would be a good idea to get Pavel Limerov’s inspiring and entertaining book translated to English or other western language, to reach a broader audience.


Lake Yorki. Illustration by A V Moshev 
















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