The Ethnofuturists

SYKTYVKAR. Ethnofuturists is an art movement that has spread in northwest Russia and Estonia after the perestroyka. With the collapse of a state-run monopole on artistic expression, a window suddenly flung open for other motifs and aesthetic. As part of a growing cultural and ethnical self-awareness, the old Finno-Ugric world view and mythology has been one source of inspiration for a group of artists and writers in the Komi Republic and other parts of northwest Russia, as well as in Estonia.
Ethnofuturism wants to be a bridge between the past and the future. In Estonia, the term is usually connected with poetry, while in Komi, Udmurtia and Perm ethnofuturism mostly stands for visual art – painting, graphic, performance.


Marriage of Fish and Bear. Painting by Pavel Mikushev



Archbird by Yuri Lisovsky

The ethnofuturist movement has existed for about twenty-five years now. One could ask where it’s heading in the future. Talking to a critic in Syktyvkar, she meant that if it will survive as a vital stream in the Finno-Ugric cultural world, it has to develop further, with new content and forms.


Cover: Performance ”Chuds”

















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