Disappearing Soviet Design


Colourful stairs at the Belomorie Hotel. Photo Kenneth Mikko

KANDALAKSHA. Russia is going through a period of fast modernization. New shopping centres, skyscrapers in big towns and self-service shops are mushrooming around the country. At the same time, old trams, trolleybuses and buildings disappear from the urban landscape. The Soviet design and architecture is replaced by more western-influenced styles.

A year ago, the Belomorie Hotel in Kandalaksha found a new owner, Vladimir Komarov from Polyarny Zori. Built in 1980, the building situated at the main square is in great need of renovation, and Kamarov has now started a big project to renew the facilities.

From one of the economy class rooms. Photo Kenneth Mikko


To get a glimpse of the Soviet design, barentsculture.com gives you a last glimpse of the Belomorie Hotel and its old-style colourful premises and details, before they will disappear.

See photos by Kenneth Mikko:



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