A Tribute to Sara

UMEÅ…. There are different ways to remember important writers and artists. Aside of the works left after them, metal sculptures and biographies are among the most common. In Umeå , a new pedestrian tunnel at the railway station has been decorated in memory of writer Sara Lidman ( 1923 – 2004).

Sara Lidman’s eyes and hair, the birch forest and reflections of pedestrians. Photo Kenneth Mikko

Sara was born in the village of Missenträsk, north of Umeå. She is known for her personal and original language, both archaic, warm and vibrant. Her struggle against the US war in Vietnam, against nuclear weapons, and support for the striking miners in Kiruna made her a well-known and strong critic of injustices in society.

Coming down the stairs, a glass wall meets the eye. Photo Kenneth Mikko

The big installation Lev! [Live!] in central Umeå, made by artist group FA+, shows motifs from her works – the forest and nature, the railway that changed life in many villages in northern Sweden. Texts are written on a lighted glass wall, and the sound of her voice and her big clock from the kitchen in Missenträsk can be heard by the by-passers. On the floor is her tribute to the railway.

Watch videos and photos : blogger diggjo


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