Meeting across the Border

KIRKENES. Today, some 25 years after perestroika and glasnost, and almost 70 years since WWII, it can be easy to forget how dramatic the modern history of northern Europe actually is. Theatre group Samovarteateret in Kirkenes has talked to pensioners in neighbouring towns of Nikel and Kirkenes. Their stories about how the Soviet Army liberated northern Norway from the German occupation, and how the border later was closed during the Cold War is the basis for Samovarteateret’s new production ”Vodka, vann og glasnost – en foxtrot for tre” [Vodka, water and glasnost – a foxtrot for three].

Nikolay Shchetnev and Jan Egil Engnes. Photo from rehearsal video, Samovarteateret.


Theatre, dance and music is used to give a contemporary audience a picture of the common modern history and perspective on todays life at the border. The production is an international project in itself: the script was written by Ingeborg Arvola (No), director is Bente S. Andersen (No), compostion and music is made by Lithuanian Jurgita Miezelyte, choreography by Patrik HÄggstrÖm (Swe), accordion is played by Sergei Gromov (Ru), dancer is Nikolay Shchetnev (No/Ru), on the stage with Norwegion actors Turid Skoglund and Jan Egil Engnes.

Actor Turid Skoglund and musician Sergei Gromov. Photo from rehearsal video, Samovarteateret.

Video from the rehearsals:

Cover: Soviet soldiers meet Norwegians at the end of WWII




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