La Dolce Vita in Arkhangelsk

ARKHANGELSK. To visit a book store in Arkhangelsk or other regional center in the Russian Barents gives an impression of a vivid publishing activity. The amount of locally produced books and journals is extensive and covers a wide range. On the Arkhangelsk book shelves you will find lots of literature on history, literature, religion, together with biographies and topographic works.

Some Arkhangelsk magazines: Magazine, Plus, Nastroienie and Gorod Angelov

There are many glossy magazines issued in Arkhangelsk. Not surprisingly, they show wealthy, healthy people, having a good time. Researchers might speculate on whether this is connected with a growing group of middle class people, the privatization of the media landscape, or how much it’s the result of active local publishers, or a combination of reasons. This summer there were at least four popular magazines fighting for readers and advertisers in Arkhangelsk: Plus, Magazine, Nastroienie and Gorod Angelov.

Some Nastroienie covers

At a modern café in central Arkhangelsk I meet with Irina Tikhomirova, creative editor at Nastroienie, which means ”Mood”. Irina tells about their clearly defined target group – middle-aged successful women with good economy. Main topics are fashion, travel, design, health and well-being, and interesting people of all sorts. The company also produces a fashion magazine – Fashion Collection.
Browse Nastroienie magazine online HERE


Chief editor Zhdanov with librarian Tatyana Tarbayeva. June cover of magazine Magazine

At the moment, the most spread journal in Arkhangelsk´s many cafés happens to be ”Magazine”. Chief editor Andrey Zhdanov has been in the business for many years, working with other earlier publications. The editor’s face is often seen on the pages of Magazine, and also live at parties and events in Arkhangelsk. The monthly Magazine has a good calendar on what is going on in the Pomor capital.
Magazine is on VK, a Russian site resembling Facebook : HERE

A spread from Plus magazine. The article is about alternative culture festival Taibola in Severodvinsk.

The Plus journal contains longer articles on culture, entertainment, travel etc.
The new issue can be read HERE
A newcomer on the Arkhangelsk magazine this summer was Gorod Angelov (The city of Angels, referring to Arkhangelsk [Archangel]), a rather arty magazine about fashion, cars etc., aimed at male readers.



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