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ARKHANGELSK. There is a vivid fashion scene in Pomor Capital Arkhangelsk. In popular local magazines like Plus, Magazine and Nastroienne you can browse through stories from catwalks and shows around town. The two mayor fashion houses are Elena and Spartak Rezitsky’s agency and Nikolay Terjuhins company.

Nikolay Terjuhin. Photo Kenneth Mikko

Nikolay Terjuhin, together with Darya Pototskaya, runs an agency with around 20 young and 30 adult models. They appear on regular fashion shows, but also at commercial events like promoting cars, or at local celebrations.

What makes Terjuhin’s agency special is its strong influence from folklore. Born in the Pinega district in the eastern part of the Arkhangelsk region, where folklore and traditional music is still alive, Nikolay early got an interest in the traditional colourful folk costumes of the area. After education in dance and choreography, he continued into the fashion field, where he now has been active for more than 20 years. His mixture of folk and modern fashion has been shown in both Paris and Finland.

Folklore and fashion a la Terjuhin.

Part of his time is used to create new stage costumes for the big and highly professional folklore ensemble Northern Folk Choir. Nikolay´s creations has also been shown at Russian fashion ventures in Finland and in Paris. In the headquarters in central Arkhangelsk is a fashion collection with about 500 different garments, made by the company’s five tailors.

Costume made for Northern Folk Choir. Exhibited at the Art Museum, Arkhangelsk. Photo Kenneth Mikko

Info: Nikolay Terjuhin official webpage

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