Wooden Treasures of Arkhangelsk

ARKHANGELSK. There is a construction boom going on in Arkhangelsk. For some years now the skyline of the old Pomor capital has undergone changes, with new dwelling houses, office buildings and shopping centers reaching for the sky. Costs for renting or buying an apartment have increased, with levels almost to be compared with St Petersburg´s.

Novgorod street. Photo Kenneth Mikko

The old wooden architecture has in the same degree diminished. Many of the old houses lack conveniences and are in bad need of maintenance or repair. Some buildings are falling apart, with no residents living there, but cannot be torn down, since people are registered at the addresses, even if they live somewhere else.


Abandoned house, waiting to be torn down. Photo Kenneth Mikko

There are still parts in central Arkhangelsk, and suburbs like Solombola, though, where the old wooden architecture has been preserved. Wooden houses have also been moved to, or been built at the Chumbarova-Luchinskogo street, making it a kind of outdoor museum in the middle of town.

From Lomonosov Street. Photo Kenneth Mikko

Novgorod Street. Photo Kenneth Mikko













Novgorod Street. Photo Kenneth Mikko













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