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Venke Hoff is running the Kaviar Factory art gallery in Henningsvær. Photo Kenneth Mikko

HENNINGSVÆR. Nowadays, contemporary art finds it way not only to urban centers, but also to the so-called peripheries. In the picturesque small fishing town of Henningsvær on the Lofoten islands the ”Kaviar Factory” today offers modern international art to the visitors. From the 1920´s to the mid-90´s caviar was produced in the square building, an important working place for Henningsvær. Art collectors and enthusiasts Venke and Rolf Hoff discovered the building and turned it into a modern art museum, that opened in 2013. From the windows on the second floor, a splendid view of the surrounding mountains and the open sea opens up for the gallery visitor. The Hoffs have also created an artist residence with studio, where artists from around the world can live and work.

Photo by Rune Johansen, from an exhibition at the Kaviar Factory

In the Torne Valley, Gunhild Stensmyr will open another modern art museum, something that barentsculture wrote about a couple of years ago:Â

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View to the sea from the art gallery. Photo Kenneth Mikko













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