Horseback Stories

Photo: Elin Berge

Photos: Elin Berge


VÃSTERBOTTEN COUNTY. It began with a journey that became a travelogue, that became a stage play – on tour. Now actors Olof Wretling and Sven Björklund are on the move again, taking their play Till häst genom Västerbotten (”On Horseback through Västerbotten”) to several venues around Sweden. First stop is Sagateatern in Umeå on the 8th of May.

But hey, seven months on horseback through the large county of Västerbotten. Did the trip actually happen as depicted, or is it mostly fiction? I put the question to Olof Wretling.
– The journey´s been done, have you seen the book?
Well, at least I´ve seen some images on the internet. The book (with photos by Elin Berge) that Wretling refers to, documents the two actors movements in the rural landscapes of the county. And traveling with them, on foot, a sherpa who wassponsored by the job centre´s department for cultural workers! Weird?Perhaps, but all these oddities doesn´t bother Olof Wretling.



– Sometimes the notion of truth is more important, the impression you actually register. In this case it is up to the beholder to decide.

Anyway, the story is that the actors have collected tall tales in different parts of Västerbotten, like the brothers Grimm did in Germany two hundred years ago.

-We´ve been searching thoroughly to find the best stories. Västerbotten´s tradition of verbal storytelling is fantastic and it does not stop with Torgny Lindgren and Sara Lidman, there are others too.


Till häst genom Västerbotten will be performed in Umeå, Skellefteå, Kiruna and Luleå, as well as at a number of places in the south of Sweden during 2015. The audience can look forward to quite a few peculiar tall tales from Wretling and Björklund, who previously have made their names in the well-known theatre group of Klungan.


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