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TROMSØ. Producer/composer Geir Jenssen – or Biosphere as he often prefers to call himself – has  reissued his album, Microgravity, from 1991. It was his first release under the name Biosphere and it kick-started his long career within ambient electronic music.

There are shades of Brian Eno and Ralph Lundsten in those sounds. But the veteran from northern Norway has made a highly personal impact within this certain field of music, sometimes referred to as arctic ambient or ambient techno. In 2001, his album Substrata (from 1997) was voted the best all-time classic ambient album by the users of the Hyperreal website.

Jenssen´s first creation Likvider was released more than three decades ago on cassette only. Back then his moniker was E-man and later he would also call himself Bleep and Cosmic Explorer before opting for Biosphere, after leaving the group Bel Canto in the summer of 1990. In fact that was the most vital step of his musical career, he confessed a couple of years ago to German reporter Tobias Fischer of, a website that monitors music scenes world wide.

Biosphere in biosphere

Biosphere in biosphere

During the same interview Jenssen said that he often begins working with a new piece by picking a sample from a record or a film.
”Sometimes I start with one of my own field recordings or by making new sounds on a synthesizer”.

In 2002 he used extended pitch-shifted loops from classical music composer Claude Debussy´s orchestral works while creating the minimalistic album Shenzhou.

Geir Jenssen has studied archaeology and is not only a musician, but also an active climber and moutaineer. His love for nature has inspired him musically and enriched him with a constant stream of natural sound samples.

In 2001 he reached the peak of Cho Oyu on the Himalayas without oxygen; an experience that he turned into yet another piece of work five years later: Cho Oyo 8201 m – Field Recordings from Tibet. Those sounds were released under his real name.

Geir Jenssen has also produced a number of movie soundtracks, one of them for the original Insomnia directed by Erik Skjoldbaerg from 1997 (remade by Hollywood in 2001).

On June 23rd Biosphere´s remastered debut album Microgravity will be out on double vinyl, double cd, and FLAC with a bonus album of unreleased tracks with the aid of crowdfunding.



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