A Tribute to Sauna Magic


HAPARANDA. After years of sauna baths and photographing in these hot, humid places, the Sauna photo book is finally here. The book release took place in Korpilombolo village, at the small and exclusive European Festival of the Night. Photographer Kenneth Mikko (also editor of this website) made a presentation about traditional northern sauna culture in Russia, Finland and Sweden, and showed the new publication.


The 96 page Sauna book consists of black and white photos and presents different practical and symbolic aspects of sauna bathing – the heat, the beating with birch twigs, the cooling with water. The concept was worked out after talks with professor Nikolai Terebikhin in Arkhangelsk, who contributed with the metaphysics, ethnology and symbolism of the Russian sauna.

The Sauna book is divided into four sections – Amazons, Löyly, The Smith and Water. It´s printed on thick, uncoated matte paper to emphasize the robust, traditional and sensual character of sauna bathing.

The book costs 21 Euro or 200 SEK plus postage and can be ordered by e-mail: barents@algonet.se




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