Rap With A Vision

Erik Ingebrigtsen (1985-2015),  alias Edorf was born at the edge of Europe in a small fishing community by the Ice Sea called Båtsfjord in Northern Norway. He grew up in Inari in Finnish Lapland where he was part of the local hip hop scene. The last years he lived in Tampere working till the end. He died in cancer.

Edorf´s first album Yön Elonkorjuu (2011) (The Harvester of Night) is a gloomy one: dark fantasies and surrealistic, even apocalyptic visions. Violin, mandolin, flute, saxophone and livedrums makes the fatal atmosphere easier to adopt. The second album Varjojen piiri (The Circle of Shadows) come out 9/9 2016. According to Lapin Kansa -newspaper it´s ”a symphonic mixture of rap, folk and rock”.

Rap is nowadays very popular music in Finland, although Finnish rap is often made sound like ”junttidisko” (redneck disco) just to get gigs, said ”old school” rapper Iso H (Henrik Rosenberg) recently. Edorf remained ”underground”. He was also a central figure in the original Lapland rap scene working with for example Sámi rappers Amoc (Mikkal Morottaja) and Ailu Valle from Inari, Stepa (Joni Stenberg) from Sodankylä and Hannibal (Hannu Stark) from Rovaniemi.


Feature photo by Hannibal Stark / Wikimedia Commons


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