Burning Landscapes

ROVANIEMI. Photographer, doctor and engineer Pekka Luukkola (born 1968) found himself in a dead end when it came to landscape photographing: it was all clichés and a fresh start was needed (Lapin Kansa 11. 11. 2016). He started to make dark, minimalistic, conceptual photos.

In Luukkola´s Rovaniemi exhibition Maiseman aika – Sense of Time there are three kinds of works. Sad simplistic landscapes, and landscapes with a fire effect. And then a two minute video based on about 1000 photos of starry sky, not so familiar to many because of the light-waste of modern societies. Although Luukkola has quite a technical approach to photographing, there´s kind of mystic too, like in a photo of Ukonkivi, an old secret place of Inari Sami.

Pekka Luukkola :
”I use fire to express movement, the passage of time and the presence of humans without a visible, recognisable form.”

”I might synchronisise the camera with the turning of the earth to create a photograph that expresses the earth´s movement in relation to the stars.”

”The photographs are often a blend of nature, art and science, the imaginary and the real.”

”… no post-processing.”

Sense of Time is open in The Regional Museum of Lapland in Arktikum till 15. 1. 2017.
Luukkola´s homepage: www.luukkola.fi


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