Autiomaa – Arctic Folk Punk

ROVANIEMI. Autiomaa (Desert) is a fresh acoustic folk-punk band. The members are from Rovaniemi and Jääli (Oulu district). So far they have made two records: Lauluja sielun autiudesta (2015) and Hautaa surusi maahan (2016).

There´s something in their stuff that reminds of the genre´s legend Violent Femmes (USA). Something of Jolly Jumpers (Tyrnävä, Oulu district) and their minimalistic Ostrobothnian potato-field americana, too. Maybe: desperate Lännen Jukka (alias J. Karjalainen) lost in Lapland? Or Viktor Fors Mäntyranta and Surunmaa band (Pajala, Norbotten, Sweden) without their tango-mania? Or Laestadian hymns without a God, or hope or mercy of any kind?

Autiomaa´s Otto Mikkola is a son of Jari Mikkola, a guitar player of Greenhouse AC (Rovaniemi) – a nasty Detroit-style (MC5, Stooges) kind of a rock´n´roll band. In fact the two bands had a tour in Southern Finland last autumn. From father to son – how lovely!



Videotervehdys. Kiitos Rovaniemen Wanhat Markkinat ja Hei Hei!

Publicerat av Autiomaa den 16 augusti 2015


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