According to Samuel P. Huntington´s famous but controversial book The Clash of Civilizations.Remaking of World Order (1996) the world is divided in 7-8 cultures or civilizations. In Europe there´s a border between Western and Orthodox cultures. It starts from Ice Sea so that Norway, Finland and Baltia belongs to West as well as Western Belorus and Ukraine and so on, and Russia, Eastern Belorus and Ukraine to the Orthodox world.

From Raja

How is everyday life in this borderzone between Finland and Russia? Hanna Koikkalainen has made an interesting exhibition and a book Raja (”The Border”) (Musta Taide 2016). She´s from Imatra, a small town in South-Karelia next to the Russian border. The photos were taken 2008-2010 in both sides of the border. In the book there´s also short reports from her journeys.

From Raja

Koikkalainen´s photos:

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