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BARENTS REGION. After years of writing, meeetings, communication, negotiations, financing and proof-reading, the Barents Encyclopedia has finally landed. Around 300 scholars and writers have produced more than 400 articles, printed in two volumes with 1152 pages. Editor in chief was Malts-Olov Olsson at Umeå University, and the encyclopedia was published by Pax Forlag in Oslo. For a person interested in the Barents Region and the Arctic, it´s a gold mine to dig into.

A spread from the encyclopedia. Illustrations are usually small, but there are a number of maps and tables in the volumes.

The Barents Encyclopedia fills a whole in the published knowledge about the North. It´s a complementation to other works like ”Encyclopedia of the Arctic” ( 3 volumes, 2005) and numerous encyclopedias in Russian (Pomorskaya Encyclopedia in 4 volumes, Atlas Republiki Komi, etc) and a few in Nordic languages.


Some contemporary topics are well covered, for example a long article on music festivals all around the Barents Region and an article on Russian oligarchs. The selection of topics and articles can of course be discussed, but you can´t please all, depending on their interests. A real advantage is the many indexes – a thematic list of entries in the beginning outlines all the articles in different subjects. You can for example find all articles related to Culture, Art and Media, or to Places, or to People. There is also a very detailed index with cross references at the end of the second volume. But for a person interested in northern topics, armchair reading can also be recommended. Surf with a printed book!


Info from the publisher: Pax Forlag

The book can also be bought from bookstores on the web.

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