Secret Art

Sketch by Frida Hammar

UMEÅ. An ongoing exhibition at the art gallery Umeå konsthall highlights the art of sketching. Five artists working with text and image reveal things that usually are hidden from the public eye: The private drawings and reflections in their personal sketchbooks.
The exhibition that will run until March 19th has been named ”Den hemliga konsten – bilder från skissböcker och lådor” (The Secret Art – Pictures from Sketchbooks and Drawers)

Frida Hammar, illustrator and animator from Umeå, is one of the five exposing contents from her private sketchbooks. She told the local newspaper Umeå Tidning that many artists have a habit of making drawings on the side with no intention to go public with them. Well, these ones did, and she sounds pleased.
– It is tingling and interesting to look at sketches, and tingling to show things that you´ve done in a spur of the moment.

According to the art gallery´s exhibition programme, an artist uses sketchbooks to try things out or just to scribble off some daily impressions. ”The purpose of sketching varies and the relation to a sketchbook is entirely individual depending on who is drawing and writing in it.”

Sketch by Ville Ranta

It can be a daring challenge to move from a personal expression directed towards an audience to a more private one, perhaps containing intimate drawings, private notes and ideas never fulfilled.
One intention with this viewing is to present some of the big mistakes, the most funny sketches and half-finished ideas that got lost somewhere along the way. Naturally, this paves way for a more unbarked and bold showing.

Besides Frida Hammar the artists are Nina Hemmingsson, cartoonist, Anna-Clara Tidholm, illustrator and writer of children´s books, Anneli Furmark, cartoonist and visual artist and Ville Ranta, cartoonist. Ranta is the only non-Swedish exhibitor of the five, coming from Oulu, Finland, where he is well-known for his provocative artistry.

Furmark, like Hammar, lives in Umeå but grew up furher north in Luleå, county of Norrbotten. The pair of them came up with the idea of the exhibition and also selected the final contents to put on display.

Sketch: Anna-Clara Tidholm

Five artists with different mind-sets and all of them with their own personal approach, will show their exhibits for another five weeks at the art gallery in the culture centre Väven. There will be special viewings and also a workshop for kids. Apart from that, Nina Hemmingsson is to give a lecture on February 18th called Om jag inte fick teckna skulle jag dö. In English: ”If I wasn´t allowed to draw, I would die”.
That´s bold enough!


Cover by Nina Hemmingsson

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