A Play for our Planet

UMEÅ. The human race has destroyed the planet. The question is: can the animals save it, or is it already too late? Well, there might lie an answer somewhere in the theatre company Profilteaterns new play Jordens sista dygn (”The Final 24 hours of the Earth”).

Even if the subject sounds ominous, the theatre company promises an exciting and comical fable covering different aspects of our existence.
– It is a declaration of love to everything that is beautiful on this planet, Profilteatern write in their programme.

So the stage is set for a challenging piece of drama, as the rumour is out, that the Ancient Creators of the earth are returning. Their mission is to wipe out the whole humanity for the mismanagement of the environment. The monkey, the dog and the pig who´ve been watching proceedings closely for years, decide to discuss the situation. Perhaps it is better to let Homo Sapiens disappear all together? But when the Creators arrive the stakes are higher than anybody could have foreseen.

There is a lot of symbolism in the play as two of the main characters are called Adam and Eva. And later on Nostradamus, the reputed seer from the 16th century, turns up as well.

The scenography by Ulla Karlsson is to a large extent consisting of collected trash, stacked up in three big globes. In the shadow of this environmental wasteland the people go on living their everyday life, like they always have. Carefree or perhaps just in denial of the true facts.

Rebecka Cardoso has written the script and is also the director of the play. The composition and sound design is by Safoura Safavi, the light design by Martin Ogland and Jonas Olsson. Actors are Lina Hognert, Tobias Morin, Josefine Koskinen, Jan Karlsson, Nils Wetterholm and Hans-Ola Stenlund.

The premiere of Jordens sista dygn will take place on March 3rd and is to be played at Profilteatern´s home base in Umeå, county of Västerbotten, during the entire the month of March. Some of the shows are earmarked for staff and students of local schools in order to give them valuable material for further discussions on the subject.


Info: http://www.profilteatern.nu/forestallning/jordens-sista-dygn/

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