Barents Blues

Pasi Pikkupeura (born 1960) is an amateur-photographer from Rovaniemi, Finland. Through the years he has also been  a regular reporter and contributor to this site,

Pikkupeura has tried to catch a more melancholic side of the Barents Region, stemming from his many trips to Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

Especially in Finnish Lapland, tourism is a big industry. The visual world of tourism is colorful and positive. Pikkupeura´s photos are about sadness, degeneration and kitsch.

As an old punk-rocker Pikkupeura has a Do-It-Yourself attitude: a cheap camera and the help of a local photoshop (but not Photoshop). There´s power in mistakes! Keep it as a hobby!

So far the Barents Blues photos have only been exhibited in Kunst Kolonie Veenhuizen in the small town of Veenhuizen, Netherlands. Many photos have been published in Kaltio, as part of Pikkupeura´s articles, often with reports from his journeys. Kaltio is culture magazine established in Oulu 1945.

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