Proclaiming the Bothnian Republic

Proclaiming the Bothnian Republic. Photo Patrick Degerman

SKELLEFTEÅ. Are there any true revolutionaries around anymore? Or have modern times and the affluent society killed off every inch of rebellious fervor within people? These questions are raised by Västerbottensteatern in their play Darling Dorotea that will be performed in Skellefteå during the months of March and April.

You old-timers out there will probably remember the rebellious 70s when quite a large part of the socialist movement had a revolution of society on the agenda. Now Västerbottensteatern is ready to discuss the issue again through a play that puts the political conditions of Norrland in focus. What would happen if people of the north would break free from Sweden and take matters into their own hands to form a Bothnian republic?

– We haven´t got the solution but we´re problematizing the issue, it´s an intellectual experiment, director Bobo Lundén told local paper Norran recently.

In the play, young idealist and activist Tea wants the local politicians to stop cuddling with the governing powers in the Capital. She argues loudly that it is pay-back time for the state and the private corporations, who have looted the north of natural resources for ages.
Politician Karin is home again after an indifferent career in Stockholm. Her aim is to start anew, and forms a regional political movement called Nystart Västerbotten. Her son Alexander is with her, but has never visited the north before. He´s been neglected by his social climbing parents and is looking for something meaningful to do.

Suddenly, with he help of the military, a man called John and his band of rebels take power through a coup and proclaim the independent Bothnian Republic. Tea, Karin and Alexander are forced to take a stand. Is the republic a threat, a possibility or even a necessity? Whatever the decision, they are bound to learn something about life and their inner selves in the process.

Photo by Patrick Degerman

Despite the seriousness of the subject the theatre company promises that the audience will find Darling Dorotea a feel-good experience full of witty humour and catchy music.

The play is based on interviews with people from different corners of the vast county of Västerbotten. And part of the audiences are in fact traveling a long way to see the stage-play in Skellefteå as the ticket-price includes a free bus ride to the venue from places like Umeå, Vilhelmina and Norsjö. The distance between Vilhelmina and Skellefteå is for example is 323 kilometers.

The director Bobo Lundén and Tora von Platen have written the script for Darling Dorotea. The actors are Adrian Nordin, Anna Söderling, David Andersson, EvaMaria Oria, Ghailan Al-Khalaf, Gunnar Eklund, Margareta Niss, Mikael Lindgren, Monica Lindgren, Niclas Andersson, Susanne Sundqvist Bergqvist,


Cover photo by Patrick Degerman

Info:  Västerbottensteatern

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