Barents Streets – Voskresenskaya

In between huge dwelling house, old wooden buildings can still be found. Photo Kenneth Mikko

ARKHANGELSK. Воскресенская = Voskresenskaya means resurrection, to rise from the dead. It´s one of the main streets in Arkhangelsk, and was named after one of the towns central cathedrals. Voskresenskaya stretches all the way from the embankment of the Northern Dvina River down to the railway station. Along the street are some of the most important squares and buildings – the Lenin Square with the huge Lenin statue (one of the last of its kind), the local and the regional administration, a big culture centre and the food market Dieta. In 1920 the street was named Engels Street, but in 1993 it was again renamed to the original Voskresenskaya.

Professor Yuri Barashkov giving a lecture. Photo Kenneth Mikko.

Professor Yuri Barashkov is an expert on the architecture of Arkhangelsk. He gives public lectures on Russian and international architecture. According to him, Voskresenskay was meant to be a real parade street in all its length, but after intensive building during the 1980´s the project came to a halt after the perestroyka. An exclamation mark of the project is the 24 storey office building at the Lenin square.

Lenin square with the 24 storey building, the regional administration and the Lenin statue. Photo Kenneth Mikko

You could earlier see trolley buses driving along Voskresenskaya, but they are today replaced by small buses. Arkhangelsk also had the world´s northernmost tram system, which also disappeared, some fifteen years ago.


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