Arty Walls Arkhangelsk

The arcade outside Arkhangelsk art museum offers space for wall paintings. Photo Kenneth Mikko

ARKHANGELSK. The art museum in Arkhangelsk, centrally situated at Lenin Square, has a rich collection of paintings and icons inside its entrance. For some time now, art can also be viewed outside of the building. Local artists have been given the possibility to paint some of the grey exteriors with colorful motifs. There are pastiches on works by Magritte, Chagall and Munch, but also original paintings. In the yard, for example, a huge babushka looks down on the passer-by, a painting done for the big Art Forum held in Arkhangelsk last autumn.

Magritte and Munch in big format. Photo Kenneth Mikko


A spiritual tree. Photo Kenneth Mikko


The museum corner. Photo Kenneth Mikko


Cover: A huge babushka and traditional textile patterns in the museum yard. Photo Kenneth Mikko

Info on Arkhangelsk Art Museum

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