Korundi – not only a Mineral

Corundum crystals. Photo Wikipedia Commons

Korundi (Corundum in English) is a very hard mineral, used in sandpaper, machines etc. It is also the name of Rovaniemi´s art museum.
The town of Rovaniemi was lucky to get Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Collection, and some time later an art museum for it. There has been money to develop the collection, and long-time professional buyers like professor Leena Peltola and painters Tapani Raittila and Jukka Mäkelä. Architect Juhani Pallasmaa has created a well-working museum from an old industrial building, built in 1933.

After the latest enlargement Korundi is now also a home of Lapland Chamber Orchestra. There has been other kinds of music here too, like a concert for the memory of Jamppa Tuominen (1949-1998), a singer-songwriter from Oulu and one of the last masters of Finnish melancholy schlager-music. Pepe Willberg – a pop-legend whose career started already in the 60´s – also gave a concert at Korundi.

The Wihuri Collection is based on Finnish modern art made after the Second World War. There should be a department for the Barents Region art too. Korundi is one of the best art museums in the Barents Region, and could very well be the Barents Region Art Museum! With today´s tensions between Russia and the West – art could act as a bridge between them.



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