In Love of Folk Art

Police by Alida Bergdahl

BODEN. Folk Art is the theme for one of this summer´s exhibitions at Havremagasinet in Boden, county of Norrbotten. Curators Birgitta Lindström, Luleå and Mats Wikström, Gammelstad, have travelled around in the region for a year collecting art in ordinary people´s homes in order to materialize the exhibition Där kärlek är – Norrbottnisk Folkkonst (”Where Love is – Norrbottnian Folk Art”).

The curators´ main starting point was to shed some light on different types of paintings and sculptures that were created by people with no formal artistic education, people outside of the boundaries of cultural camaraderie and public art venues.

The art findings are from the beginning of the 1900´s and right up to the present day –  and they were quite recently hanging on walls, or just tucked away in chest of drawers in Norrbottnian homes.

– Vi have chosen work with a larger content of love, rather than work containing good compositions, right propositions and perspectives, the curators declare in their programme.

Healings Hands by Tore Karlsson



That kind of attitude is bound to meet some resistance and raise a few questions. Is this even art, somebody asked when the curators were searching through social media for work to put on display. The answer from Lindström and Wikström is clear:

– Yes it is! It´s the best art of all.

Där kärlek är – Norrbottnisk Folkkonst will be on view until September 24th and so will the other exhibition at Havremagasinet called Friendship. That one is a photo display where 45 international photographers picture friendship, intimacy and warmth between people from different parts of the world.


Wood sculpture by Asseri Vuorenmaa













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Cover: Hjalmar Karlsson (detail)

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